Meet The Team

Yan Gao

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I grew up along the tall grey walls of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Engineer and MBA by training, started my first job in Aberdeen on the offshore platforms, now financing energy companies through Capital Markets in North America.

Like many of you, I spent most part of my life busy chasing goals: school, career, money, marriage, control, kids...just after I achieved all of these goals, I was depressed, felt deeply lost and empty. While I was busy chasing this 

glamorous life from outside, I lost my mom over cancer, my marriage fell apart, the worst yet, I lost myself in this world.

The past six years of my life has been spent on soul searching, meditation, journaling, reflection...I finally saw the limited beliefs, the illusions I used to hold on to so dearly, my beautiful inner light, the authentic power reside only in my heart, the magnificent mind so desperately needing my guidance to fulfill this precious life! It was a painful journey but so worth it! 

Today I devote my light to all of you. My wish is to bring conscious, purposeful living and tools into education, corporate, health care systems. May we always be blessed to remember who we really are, the power within. I see the light in you, see it yourself, it is beautiful!

Veronica Thia

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Veronica is a yoga instructor, licensed Desire Map Facilitator, and host of the podcast Curious Monki. As a humble (and curious) explorer of this life journey, she focuses on understanding the barriers that hold us back from living as our truest selves.  Using a blend of yogic principles and The Desire Map theory, she specializes in helping others connect to their own unique truth and ignite a life bursting with vibrance, radiance and bliss.     


Vicky Chiu

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Vicky Chiu is born and raised in calgary, alberta. She completed her applied degree in international business at mount royal university. She worked in finance and corporate banking.

Vicky strives to empower, connect and inspire people around her.

Her journey over the last 4 years has been a discovery of her own self. She is fired up to share her story and ignite the fire within others.

Charl de la Harpe

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I was born and grew up in and around Cape Town, South Africa. I am an architect, and I am passionate about art, design, and building renovation/remediation. I am interested in Yoga, meditation, stoic philosophy, and a variety of outdoors activities including rugby, hiking, biking, skiing, and surfing.

 I lived most of my life according to a set of inherited, and developed beliefs that prescribed my behaviour, my responsibilities, and my definition of success. However, a string of setbacks including a separation, divorce, and overall disillusionment, prompted me to reexamine and reevaluate a lot of my choices, and my core beliefs. 

I was fortunate to be surrounded by some amazing people during this time who motivated and supported me while I deconstructed, and rebuild my life. I am eternally grateful for the support that I received. and in an effort to repay this kindness, I embrace all opportunities to support others through the challenging times of their lives.

Scott Glover

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Scott Glover is originally from Brockville Ontario. Where he studied business marketing in Ottawa. He specializes in using his creativity and relentless work ethic in all projects he work on.   He enjoys helping people smile and to motivate others to pursue their dreams.When not working he enjoys watching his beloved Winnipeg Jets